Acting summerish


Hello guys, It’s a hot summer in my town, we had some pretty hot days.. I thought that I should shoot something to go with that. So I prepared the “guns” and we did it. Called two hot models to go with the mood and did this. Hope you like I’ll be back with some […]

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How you like my boys?

New faces

Hello guys! I’m back with new material, new faces, new other stuff I’m really excited about this shoot, because I had the chance to test new stuff in the studio, test new models, and get some pretty good results on doing all that I was telling you that lately I was scouting more often than […]

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Back to Elegance

Collage of an elegant fashion man in tuxedo

Hello guys, As promised, I return with details about my last photo shoot. I told you in the previous post that I had a test shoot with a new model, and did some different approaches. The material bellow is from the end of the shoot, and we did some elegant shots, dressed in a nice […]

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