Little beauty Kaya

Curious french bull dog puppy

Hello guys, I’m back with some fresh stuff made yesterday with a one of a kind model: Kaya, the french bulldog. As I told you before, I love working with small animals, and this little beauty is no difference I found her on Facebook – one of my Facebook friends had her and I asked […]

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Unconditional love


  This is what I feel about animals in general. But when you get to see two really special cuties like the one described in the pictures, you can only be amazed by their beauty. Working with small animals, pets or any kind of animal, is one of my preferred type of work. In studio […]

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The Butterfly Effect


Hello guys, As I was working on my images, I  got the idea of writing about this on the blog. So, the image in this post is the result of combining two images: the original one, and the “mirrored image” next to it. Basically, you have your image, you duplicate it, you flip it horizontally, […]

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