New projects, new models.

Hello guys,

I had a full few weeks,  so I didn’t write anything new this time. I was looking for new models, new people to work with, new projects  needed my attention. This work never ends 🙂

Finally, I got back to actual work – I scheduled a photo shoot with a new model. The model is new to me, but he is quite experienced.

When working with new people there are always little stress regarding the compatibility of the model with me. But, in this case it turned out quite ok, he met my expectations.

In all my test shootings, I choose to do some “easy” work, to let the model express himself/herself to see how can I use him/her in my next projects. So we did some casual stuff, some fashion poses, and ended the day with some elegant man in tuxedo shots.

In this post you will find some pictures from the beginning of the day, in studio. We took advantage of a beam of light coming from the roof top of the studio and we started shooting. Bellow are a few images that came out. The model performed very good. He looks good in the pictures. There is actually one in which he looks very much alike with Joaquin Phoenix  – at least  in my opinion he does 🙂

In the next days, as I work on the material, I’ll get back with new posts from this photo shoot.

Enjoy the images!

Please comment, let me know what you like about the images, what you don’t like, what you have done different, or anything you think.

I’m using this opportunity to remind anyone interested in working with me as a model, from Romania or abroad, From Sibiu or any other town in Romania, please leave me a comment or a message on the blog, or email me at, and I’ll get back at you as soon as possible, and we’ll see how it goes from there 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Be good!

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